Recent written work listed below, newest to oldest:

Interview with Dr Johanna Bjorklund in Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global- for Adlede
Q&A with Delta Projects CEO & Founder John Lilja
- for Netric
Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech: interview with Johanna Björklund
- in Authority Magazine, for Codemill

Why Outdoor Advertising in 2019 is Like the Internet of 15 Years Ago - in Digital Signage Connection, for Platform161
The State of Podcast Advertising in 5 Charts - for Netric
Three Major Trends in Programmatic, Right Now/ Frankwatching (Dutch language)- for Platform161
Data Protection Plus Personalisation - a Fundamental Contradiction? - for Platform161
Is native advertising nog steeds een hype of inmiddels een teleurstelling? - in Emerce, for Platform161
Yield Management in a First-Price Auction World - in ExchangeWire, for Simplaex
Q&A: Platform 161’s Marco Kloots on the Capabilities of Programmatic Advertising - in ADvendio, for Platform161
Is Native Advertising Still Flying High on Hype, or in the Ditch of Disappointment? - in PerformanceIn, for Platform161
Is Outdoor Where Programmatic Creative Finally Comes Out to Play? - in Digital Signage Connection, for Platform161
Commentary on McDonald’s acquisition of Dynamic Yield - in the, for Platfom161
Should Advertisers Care About Out-of-Home Advertising Right Now? - in PerformanceIn, for Platform161
As Programmatic Moves from Adolescence to Adulthood, What’s the Role of Private Marketplaces? - in ExchangeWire, for Simplaex/Rivr
The Click is Digital Media’s Own Groundhog Day - in Mobile Marketing, for Platform161
A Fresh Take on Header Bidding Will Mark the Way Forward in 2019 - in ExchangeWire, for Simplaex/Rivr
Guaranteed: Delivering on Programmatic’s Original Promise - for Netric
2018: The Year Programmatic Went Outdoor - for Platform161
Building a Balance between Data and Consumer Trust - in PerformanceIn, for illuma
The Future of Video is Staring Us in the Face - for Netric
Contextual Targeting - Sales Sheet & Case Study, for Platform161
Sweden: A Land Of Consumer Conservatism? - Coverage in Forbes, for Netric
Hooked on a feeling: The forgotten factor in online advertising - in Marketing Land, for illuma
Digital Out Of Home – Charting the Fifth Screen Opportunity - Whitepaper, for Platform161
Move slow and mend things - in Mediatel, for illuma
Netric och Brand Metrics i mätsamarbete - Coverage in Dagens Media, for Netric
AI – Game Changer, or Just the Latest Marketing Buzzword? - in AI Business, for illuma
Programmatic, Meet Mood - in Mediatel, for illuma
Evolution of the Fittest - What’s Next in Programmatic - Whitepaper, for Platform161
Mood is Online Advertising’s Missing Piece - in Figaro Digital, for illuma
Why Ad Misplacement Will Become Less of a Concern in 2018 - in PerformanceIN, for illuma
Does Ad Tech Dream of Electric Sheep? - in Martech Today, for illuma
What’s Holding Back AI in Marketing? - in Business AI, for illuma
The Secret Language of Adtechish - for BuySellAds
Post-GDPR, How Many Will Really Opt Out Of Personal Targeting? - in AdExchanger, for illuma
Here's How Ad Tech Got its Stripes - for BuySellAds
3 Reasons Advertising is Back in Context - in Martech Advisor, for illuma
As Consumers Wise Up, APAC Marketers Must Rethink Their Data Use - in ExchangeWire, for illuma
Netric Teams Up with PlayAd: Q&A with Daniel Ahlbert, CEO, Netric - in ExchangeWire
Finding the Human in AI - in Figaro Digital, for Addition Plus
For Ad Tech as for Facebook, sharing isn’t always caring - in Adnews, for illuma
Interview with Test Architect Mirjana Kolarov - for Levi 9
The Unavoidable Truth about First Price Auctions - for Netric
Data Visualisation - Why We Built our Clients a Proprietary Data Interface - for Addition Plus in the Drum
Why Server-to-Server Really Turns Header Bidding on its Head - for BuySellAds
Finding Constants in the Age of the Unexpected - for Addition Plus in the Drum
Viewability - What Advertisers Need to Know - for Addition Plus in the Drum
"My hope is that programmatic becomes more creative." Interview with Aller Media Programmatic Head Sassy Ferreira Berild - for Netric
Entering the Age of Automation - infographic for IBM
Taking the Long-Term View on Real-Time Auctions - for Netric
The Keys to the Kingdom: What Happens When MarTech and AdTech Converge - for LiveIntent
With GDPR On The Horizon, Data Challenges And Opportunities Loom - in AdExchanger for Platform161
SPO and nToggle: The Next Stage in Ad Tech's Evolution for Netric
GDPR-Compliance Is an Opportunity for Data Usage: Q&A with Themer Abourayan, Product Director, Platform161 - in ExchangeWire for Platform161
'Smart Experiments' and What's Next for Nordic Publishers for Netric
IRM MD Madeleine Thor Interview: The State of Advertising & Programmatic across the Nordics for Netric
5 Surefire Ways to Win the Race for Mobile Readers for ShareThis
YouTube-gate, Brand Safety and the Human/Tech Solution for Netric
Website copywriting for Platform161
Video Options for Publishers Multiply - What's your Route? for Netric
Will Politics Trump the 2017 Oscars? for ShareThis
Is a Super Bowl Ad Still Worth the Money? for Xaxis
Header Bidding - Baby Steps, Big Change on the Horizonfor Netric
2016 Review: Reasons to be Cheerful, Reasons to be Fearfulfor Netric
2017 TV & Video Outlookconducted and wrote interview series for Videology
Look For More Audience-Based Selling, While TV Needs To Use First-Party Datafor Videology
2016 TV Year in Reviewfor Videology
Cyber Monday Goes Global: Why Retailers Need to Rethink Their Thanksgiving Strategyfor Xaxis
Maximizing Your Marketing Impact from Black Friday to Cyber Mondayfor Xaxis
Back to School and the Ripple Effect of Amazon PrimeBlogpost on Advertising Week 360 for Skimlinks
Amazon Prime Day 2: Coming to a Screen Near Youa piece for Skimlinks on Hallmark holidays, and why publishers should care about the return of Amazon Prime Day
How SpaceX Reached Orbit, Turning Aerospace on its Headlongform piece for Amdocs
How Khan Academy Used Technology to Humanise the Classroomlongform piece for Amdocs
What Spotify's Autonomous Structure and Culture Can Teach the Worldlongform piece for Amdocs
Achieving the Impossible with the Rion-Antirion Bridgelongform piece for Amdocs
Automation: Bedrock for Sustainable Businessa look at how automation is helping companies scale like never before.
Brand Consistency: Often Overlooked, Key to User Trust: including insights from McKinsey and Forrester Research, a look into the role of consistency in building a trusted business
2015: How a Year in Digital Marketing Unfolded | PerformanceIN'In the media we’re obsessed with the next big thing, the new shiny tech or product - and probably with good reason. But in an industry where even trying to seem up to date can make you look hopelessly outmoded, occasionally it still pays to take a look in the rear-view mirror.'
Mediatel: Newsline: Publisher co-operatives: fighting the giants of digital
Cut up & re-edited version of an article/report I wrote on the growth of publisher co-operatives worldwide.
Reaching Critical Mass With Publisher Co-operatives | ExchangeWire.comThe motives behind the publisher co-operative model, and some notable examples of successes so far in France, Denmark and the Czech Republic.
Digital Innovators' Summit: Pangea Alliance, ad trends and more - Rubicon Project’s Jay Stevens shares his thoughtsYet where is programmatic likely to head in the future? Video? Native? Here Jay Stevens, GM International of ad tech company Rubicon Project, speaks to Digital Innovator Summit contributor Ashley Norris, offering his predictions, alongside an explanation of the Pangaea Alliance, which Rubicon have played a key role in developing.
Ahead of Black Friday 2015 UK, are you ready for a truly digital Christmas? | City A.M.On RP's Customer Pulse Research & trends around UK ecommerce in the run up to Christmas.
Tech viewpoint on publisher co-operatives
Article in Campaign explaining the background to the growing trend around publisher co-operatives.
The Rubicon Project (RUBI) Frank Addante on Q3 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript | Seeking AlphaA case study I wrote was highlighted in the Q3 2015 RUBI earnings call: "Ziff Davis International is a leading digital publisher with well-known properties such as IGN and AskMen. Working with Rubicon Project's real-time bidding and orders technology for both mobile and desktop inventory, Ziff Davis International generated a 440% increase year-over-year in total revenue during July of 2015. And despite enjoying massive growth in automation and private marketplaces, Ziff Davis International reported, "no decline in direct sold conversations" since adopting our orders platform. That is a powerful statement supporting our longstanding view that automation makes direct sales efforts far more efficient without cannibalizing revenue."
Automation and the evolution of global sales | M&M GlobalDoes automation hold the answer to long-held questions around how publishers can monetise their increasingly global audiences?
New Zealand publishers pip Australia - form mass ad coalition - AdNewsKPEX launches in New Zealand, the 9th publisher co-operative on the Rubicon Project platform.
The Digital Big Bang | IAB UK
The emergence of automated guaranteed in the UK advertising industry, and the effects of automation on a parallel industry in a previous decade.

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