Gondwana Frozen Yoghurt: Packaging
Student Project
The brief here was to create an eye-catching brand and packaging for a new luxury frozen yoghurt brand.

The client­—a colourful entrepreneur, explorer and now philanthropist: the frozen yoghurt would be the first in a series of products to raise money for a charitable foundation set up by the client in his own name.

As a former seasonal worker in the South Pole, who still holds strong ties and memories of the area, it was decided the rollout should focus around the Antarctic.

More on the Product Name: Gondwana

More than 170 million years ago, Antarctica was part of the supercontinent Gondwana (the name for the southern half of the better known Pangaea.)Antarctica was not always cold, dry, and covered in ice sheets. At a number of points in its long history, it was farther north, experienced a tropical or temperate climate, was covered in forests, and inhabited by various ancient life forms.

It is this history that has inspired the branding and flavours of the product.With a particular focus on marrying typography to each of the events, the treatment seeks to dramatically link words to the feeling of both taking part as well as watching these competitions from the comfort of the sofa.
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